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Reconstruction: 11th Century Arms

The Norman Invasion of England in 1066 and the subsequent Battle of Hastings was one of the pivitol events in English history. During this famous battle, a variety of weapons were used, with broadaxes (also known as the Dane Axe), lances and one-handed swords being particularly prevalent.


Langeid Broadaxe

This two-handed broadaxe is a reconstruction based on a find from grave 8 in Langeid, Norway, dating back to the first half of the 11th Century. It is an intriguing weapon especially due to the copper alloy band that goes around its wooden haft. The haft of the axe is made from cherry wood. Finds from other broadaxes show that the hafts could be a lot shorter than what is often assumed.


One-handed swords were typically used as side arms in the 11th century and during this period they had unique pommel shapes, such as the “brazil nut” and the “tea cosy”, the former more ovoid in shape of and the latter more semicircular.

The SININIS sword from southern Germany features a brazil nut pommel, whereas the Jan Petersen Type X (below) is of the tea cosy type.

axe img01
axe img02
axe img03