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"One of the most immersive experiences I've ever had in VR"

Steam Review

"I actually feel like I time traveled today."

Steam Review

"The greatest guided history experience in VR so far"

Steam Review

"The VR quality of the modern day castle is astonishing!"

Steam Review

"This sets a very high standard for other historic experiences to follow"

Steam Review

Guildford Castle VR

Guildford Castle VR is an entertaining and educational historical experience which enables the user to virtually travel through space and time to explore one of England’s earliest castles.

Launched in March 2022 as a live, free-to-download virtual reality experience, Guildford Castle VR has had thousands of virtual visitors worldwide and is currently one of the highest user rated VR apps on the Steam platform.

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Virtual Time Travel, From Anywhere

Guildford Castle VR blends cutting edge VR realism with detailed 3D historical reconstructions and an engaging audio-visual narrative to create one of the most comprehensive virtual history experiences yet produced.

Available on the Steam platform on a range of headsets and downloadable from anywhere in the world, individual users can experience first hand one of England’s earliest castles, past and present.

Exceptional Realism

The full range of 3D scanning techniques were used to recreate an extremely accurate digital twin of the modern day castle and grounds: more than 16,000 high resolution photographs to create structural assets, environment props and textures, over 100 LiDAR scans to map the grounds and ruins with millimetre accuracy, and the photographic recreation of around 100 individual foliage species to create lifelike, botanically accurate foliage.

With true 6DoF locomotion, a rich binaural soundscape and dynamic elements such as birds and insects, Guildford Castle VR sets a new standard for VR realism and brings the experience extremely close to a real-life visit.

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Engaging Historical Narrative

Our free roaming narrative tour takes the visitor through the rich history of Guildford Castle from it’s dawn in the 11th century to the height of its development as a regional palace in the early 14th century.

The visitor is able to see the original wooden fort, how the ruined walls would have looked, to experience the transformation of the bare modern day castle interior into the ornate 12th century King’s apartment and to explore the full open world of the medieval town and palace complex.

Meticulous Historical Reconstructions

The historical reconstructions in Guildford Castle VR were created under the guidance of professional historians and based on a wide range of historical and archaeological sources.

With hundreds of hours of research time, we put as much effort into historical fidelity as we did into environment realism in the modern-day environment, ensuring that our visitors get an accurate representation of past times.

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What Our Users Say

“Guildford Castle is one of the most expansive and informative VR educational experiences of 2022”

“I haven’t said ‘wow’ out loud in VR in a long time, but standing in that town and knowing I’m looking at something real that actually existed, I just couldn’t help it. Really cool stuff. I actually feel like I time traveled today.”

“Absolutely brilliant! I’ve been looking for something exactly like this since I got my first VR headset”

“Very cool! This is what VR is all about. I feel like if I visited in real life it would feel like I’ve been before.”

“Absolutely wonderful. Gaming in VR is lots of fun, but this is where I believe it truly shines – augmented reality based in history”

“To anyone considering this I completely recommend giving this experience a try. If you’ve ever wanted to walk through history, then this is for you! Absolutely amazing!”

“The People behind this certainly know how to make history fun and engaging”

“This is one of the best apps on Steam VR and it’s free! It’s a must download!”